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Image Consulting
Inlight Impressions Client Services
Corporate Professionalism Training
 Effective Communication Training and Consulting
* Personal Stylist
* Makeover Consultations
* Image Re-Alignment 
​* Professional Branding
At Inlight Impressions, we take care to provide our clients personalized attention for their unique professional needs. We tap into the reality of perception and how you are viewed based on technological etiquette,verbal, non-verbal cues, attitude, body language, behavior and dress. Image is defined as ..the concept of someone or something that is held by the public..We are the image and communications specialist. Below are the services that we provide.
* Effective Executive Leadership Communication                                                
* Employee Professionalism 101
* Stellar Customer Service Techniques and Principles
* Business Image and Brand Strategy

* Strategic Communications
* Morale and Influence
* Effective Writing and Documentation
* Technological and Social Media Etiquette
 Inlight Impressions LLC will help define the best solutions for you. 
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